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Real Estate Lead Generation & Referral Platform

Real Estate Lead Generation & Referral Platform

Real Estate Lead Generation & Referral PlatformReal Estate Lead Generation & Referral Platform

Intelligent Digital Marketing Bringing the Right Leads Exclusively To You

Your Lead Volume Is Guaranteed

Every 30 days we deliver a GUARANTEED MINIMUM AMOUNT of leads coming into your pipeline!  No guessing or estimating.  We will tell you exactly how many leads you will a minimum.

If we are not able to provide the guaranteed minimum volume, then we will refund 100% of our service fees* or reduce our referral fee by 50%* and you may cancel your questions asked.

Intelligent Platform Yields Highest Quality

Utilizing industry-best DATA,TECHNOLOGY and our SMART MARKET SYSTEM, we create campaigns designed to control the conversation with the TOP 3% of the market who are ACTUALLY READY TO BUY OR LIST and eliminate the bottom 97% who will never buy or list.

Nobody Gets The Leads But You

Unlike other, HEAVILY OVER-SATURATED, digital lead channels whose leads go to every real estate agent alive (Not looking to name names, but you know who you are... )

Zillow Premier


Our LEADS are 



#1 Factor to Conversion Success

Exclusive is great!  However, you can have all the leads in the world delivered directly to you, but if you can't contact them almost immediately, its all a huge waste.

An MIT study showed you have 100x better chance of connecting with a lead if you contact them within 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes.  In the same study, odds of qualifying a lead are 21x better when the lead is contacted within 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes.  


  • 70% of Buyers only interview 1 real estate agent;  
  • 72% of Sellers contact only 1 real estate agent.  
  • After 5 Minutes conversion rates drop by 400%.
  • Only 9% of brokerages in the U.S. respond within 5 minutes of contact
  • 78% of Sales goes to the first responder.

All of this to say, we give you a GREAT OPPORTUNITY and a SERIOUS ADVANTAGE because communication is almost instantaneous.

All You Have To Do Is Show Up and Sell




 It takes 10 days of consistent follow up to get a hold of online leads, we take the stress out of following up with leads for you and your agents. 

 Powered by real people, our team contacts and engages real estate leads for you 24/7 within 2 minutes.

 We give you back precious time you can use to to focus on your showings, listings, and open houses for your clients 

We Aren't Here To Just "See What Happens"

 Frankly, our system and expertise isn’t for everyone.

If you’re just looking to spend the bare-bones minimum that every other real estate agent is looking to spend while hoping they will be the next elite agent, then we're not a fit

If you're just looking to “see what happens,” then we’re not a fit

If you are looking for some $399/mo. solution that you think you can make $500,000 on, then we're not a fit

If you don't have an enormous desire to sell, close and succeed to become that "ELITE AGENT," then we're not a fit.

And that’s fine. There’s plenty of "marketing agencies" out there that will be happily low-ball you, throw garbage-leads over the wall and say "Good luck, let me know how it goes!" and frankly, their results will show it. 

But, if you’re READY AND WILLING to actually INVEST IN THE GROWTH of your practice, we are happy to have a chat to find out if you might be a fit for what we have to offer.

We Don't Work With Everyone

We operate in very competitive areas on an exclusive basis and territories go extremely quickly.  We are highly selective on who we take on as partners, as they need to meet criteria of our most successful partners who are getting consistent results. 


We carefully select the right people to work with on a collaborative basis to determine where you are currently, what your growth goals are, as well as, what constitutes your ideal clients.

We only work with the highest caliber agents and teams in very limited areas.  If you think this is you, apply now. 

It's Not About A Cost

 In our experience, this system is the only way we’ve found to generate quick results, and it’s best for real estate practices that are trying to at least double or triple their practice size, and are willing to invest in a marketing budget in order to see those results. 

Industry evidence shows that the average agent tries to nickel and dime their marketing/advertising.  This leads to frustration halfway through and produces mediocre/negative results and they end up giving up. Wasting both time and money in the process.  

It's this average agent who scrapes by and ends up being a "dabbler" in the industry and only gets deals from their closest friend or family member...who, by the way, expects not to pay you because you are friends or family.

GCI is Directly Correlated to Marketing Spend

Did you know that the average Gross Commission Income ("GCI") for Real Estate Agents nationwide is $87,652 (After Tax = $30,000).  

That's LESS THAN $15.00/Hr.

Here are a few statistics that show GCI is determined by HOW MUCH YOU INVEST in lead generation marketing (of any kind).

  • 66% of Agents Spend Less Than $10,000 Per Year (or $833/Mo.)
  • 78% of Agents with GCI below $100K spend under $2,000 per year.  
  • 52% of Agents with GCI over $300K spend over $20,000 per year.  
  • Agents with GCI over $500K spend more than $80,000 per year .


The Biggest No-Brainer In The History of The World...Let's Recap


System machine learning targets behavioral intent with optimization for relevant penetration 


Most lead generation and marketing agencies cannot (or will not) provide any guarantees on how many leads they can bring you. WE GUARANTEE minimum numbers of leads! 


Multi-channel communication automation creates near instant connection with a lead 


Unlike online channels (,, OPCity,etc.) who sell leads to multiple agents… our leads are exclusive only to you.  


Unlike other digital marketers we will nurture the leads for you. All you have to do is close the client.


Continue to constantly build your pipeline month-over-month to hundreds or thousands of potential clients (and referrals) that will be loyal to you!